About Fully Charged STORE

In the 9 years since Robert Llewellyn started Fully Charged, the overwhelming majority of funding has come from his personal pocket, and from the crowdfunding platform (Patreon). This in addition with revenue generated via Google AdSense, and the occasional sponsorship just about kept Fully Charged afloat. It is fair to say then that, without ‘People Power’, Fully Charged simply would not exist. 

To enable Fully Charged to fulfil its potential, we are working to expand our commercial activities, but critically without undermining the show’s integrity. Fully Charged LIVE was the first such activity and profits from commercial activities are being reinvested in our growth. However, at heart we remain committed to being ‘an independent voice, powered by people’, and it's our intention that the majority of our funding continues to come from individuals, not institutions.

The Fully Charged STORE is being designed to offer our audience sustainably sourced products, the profits from which will be reinvested in the production of more episodes, podcasts & content. Naturally, we want our offering to have purpose, whether that's to spread the word about the world's no.1 clean energy & electric vehicle channel or to provide practical products. We are launching with a limited range, but further products will be added on a regular basis.